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Polish Society of Medical Simulation

ul. Poznańska 18
62-400 Słupca

NIP: 6671766689
KRS: 0000517664  Dane KRS on-line

Cooperative Bank in Słupca
Bank account number: PL 02 8542 0001 0002 5247 2000 0010

Sponsorship PTSM, ver.1. – english

Co-workers, volunteers:

Marek Dąbrowski, Vice-manager

Ziemowit Gólski, issues related to the site and login

+48 790 564 817

Marek Muster, volunter, editing

Membership in PTSM

  • personal, 50PLN / year. Please send us signed declaration of membership (download here). After confirming please pay a membership fee to the PTSM bank account. 
  • for companies, look down – sponsoring.

PTSM Discussion List

Access to the list have physical members of PTSM. To add to the group PTSM symulacja_medyczna@googlegroups.com please contact with Luke Gasiorowski, lgasior@ump.edu.pl

Sponsoring PTSM

We offer you sponsoring PTSM by companies. The cost is 1000 PLN by the end of 2016. In return, we suggest placing the logo on the PTSM, a prototype portal medsim.eu and different materials exchanged in the environment, representatives of the medical simulation.

logo PTSM do pobrania PL
logo PTSM do pobrania EN

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